No two organizations are the same, and here in IPA, we understand that. That's why we give organizations the option of working with our team of highly-skilled professionals to design a highly customized training program suited to the specific needs and goals within your organization.


Why customize with IPA?

  1. We will tailor the content of our programs to suit your organization's corporate culture, your industry, and your employees.

  2. We will work closely with you to deliver exactly what you need, and help you achieve the results you desire.

  3. We guarantee complete confidentiality to enable sharing of sensitive issues that need to be addressed within the organization.

  4. We offer you better returns on your investment with our value for money packages.

  5. Your goals are ours, and our team will deliver the right fit for your needs. To find out more, call us at 03 2283 6101 NOW and let us assist you in designing a customized training package to suit your needs.

Choose IPA as your PREFERRED Training Partner

The demands of your day-to-day operations, and the challenging business environment today all translate to fulfilling short-term obligations while not losing sight of long-term objectives.

Training however, is not something that can be carried out on an 'ad-hoc' basis and must focus on your organization's long-term strategic objectives.


So why don't you let a professional take over?

Choose IPA as your Preferred Training Partner, and we will manage your training needs as per your long term objectives, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of what WE do BEST!

Many organizations that work with us have discovered the immense cost savings and quality advantages associated with outsourcing their training needs to IPA.

As your Preferred Training Partner, we commit ourselves to managing your training needs and providing top-tier training to your employees to keep them productive, and equipped to stay ahead in the competitive business environment.

Want to know more about our Preferred Training Partner Program? Then don't hesitate to call Ms. June at 01 2941 8251 or email to jane@ipa.com.my to learn more on how your organization can benefit by Choosing IPA as Your Preferred Training Partner!